To each, there is a Divine Purpose     What's New...  
  Life experiences bring challenges, choices and often obstacles to our true hopes and desires.
The result is confusion...
Intro to Energy Medicine
  Why is this happening to me ....
Fall 2015
    Why am I here.....  
        What is life all about, really anyway    
Family Healing Workshop
Fall 2015
We know what it is like to be "in the Flow".... and we know when we are not

Chi, Energy, Life force, prana , flow.... all of these identify the same balance and harmony that surrounds every living thing.
When imbalance occurs, we experience doubt, fear, confusion pain, illness

Return to peace harmony balance and a renewed sense of being... take it further to clarity, strength in choice and dicovery of purpose

Offering private and personal inutive life coaching to meet you where you are at, and help you change your life into a direction that is more in alighnment with your souls destiny.
Energetic You!
Fall 2015

Reduce / Release stress- Promote relaxation :

Address illness and health challenges-enhance immune function
Heal family and relationship issues
Eliminate past hurts, fears and disappointments
Change limiting beliefs Manage pain: physical, emotional
Cope with grief or loss
Promote a renewed sense of well-being
Improve memory and clarity in thinking
Increase joy and vitality
Find your Purpose